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1 month 13 hours ago #203 by imoxplus
I made a video where I walkthrough the Respiro sounds. Please focus on Timbre and not on my playing ;-)

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4 weeks 1 day ago #207 by puremusic
Haha, great to see you Rudy.
And I see there some gear, I always like figuring out the gear. Of course a VL70-m. But what is that? A Motif Rack ES? Just like the one sitting besides me. Great great!
I can't figure out the red rack and thing in the middle though.
Is there such a thing as a yellow Yamaha WX, or what is that, it looks familiar, but I forget?
Nice to hear some sounds. I will have to test them all again in Respiro when I am not so caught up practicing with the Tea Leaf.
Are there saxophone techniques that translate over to being played on a breath controller I should be learning? Never learned on a reed or embouchure instrument, nothing but a breath controller.

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4 weeks 1 day ago #209 by imoxplus
Yes, an ES with 2 PLGVL
a Nord Modular G2
a motu 828x thunderbolt audio interface..
The WX has been disabled and repainted (car paint) - see my old blog - . Kind of show element during performances.

further I own Yamaha S90, Yamaha VL1, Technics WSA S1, Yamaha EX5, Yamaha MU128 + VL's , Machine Studio , Sylphyo, EWI4000 etc..

Maybe next time I record in my studio... ;-)

Techniques for a breath controller usages
- ensure the breath controller does allow for very soft to hard blowing. You should be able to maintain and control constant pressure out values. Example, I can play my WX so it stays steady on values as low as 5 and can gradually increase the pressure levels up to 127.
- set your pitch bend (bite) such that a normal bite results in bend zero. Now, with Respiro you can set the bend down to be larger then the bend-up..This is nice if you want to simulate more reed feel because typically on a sax, the bend down is more then the bend-up..
- Many Respiro instruments are very sensitive to tonguing attacks.. you can to tonguing by doing T T T or by K K (not using the tongue)

hope this gives you ideas...

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4 weeks 18 hours ago #211 by puremusic
Thanks for the tips!
I usually control pitch via finger motion on Touchkeys, but I realize now I've been totally forgetting about the bite sensor on the TEC BC. I really should do something with it.
You got a real dream kit there. Good taste! That's all equipment I've had my eye on at one time or another. Reminds me of Javelin's kit.
That Technics must be real nice. Such rare gear too. The controls on there, what could be better on the left side than two modwheels, a pitchwheel, and that "Realtime Creator". The keyboards with that combo always grab my eyes, everything is the right kind of control in the right place, Reminds me of the Yamaha Sy35.
How are you liking that Technics?
I've thought of repainting stuff now and then, I prefer white keyboards and they're a bit too rare. Maybe I'll repaint the Seaboard, a white one would look pretty good.

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4 weeks 16 hours ago #212 by imoxplus
This week I will receive a TEC BBC2 from the TEC team.. Tom is a friendly and supportive guy.. I asked him if I could test the BBC2 with Respiro..... so I can further improve Respiro for keyboard users.....Video's will show-up using Respiro and BBC2....

The WSA is a nice synth for ambient sounds.... a rare has very unique capabilities and a good built quality. The editing of pathes is not easy, but once you understand the architecture then it is fun. You still can get WSA's...
I use this search engine

repainting gear can be motivating... but not all gear allows for this...

forgot to mention that I also have this little crazy but EXTREMELY powerful tool:
The axoloti is made by a friend (Johannes Taelman) in Belgium. This handy board allows for a lot of interesting can use this as midi router, synth etc... it has a kind of MAX/MSP editor allowing to build patches and store them on the axoloti and run them without a computer.

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4 weeks 15 hours ago #213 by puremusic
Yes that is the exact model I have. I set mine up by opening the bleed valve to max for easy blowing through it, and in the TEC BC control program I set the "Breath" "Sensor Max" setting to about 1/3rd instead of full.

That Technics is tempting. I wonder if I could fit it in as a right side keyboard instead of center front, it looks a bit too deep for that, I can't find the measurements. Hmm. I wonder if I should aim for a rack instead but that loses the controls. Both the FS1R and Technics WSA highly interest me.

I will read up on the Axoloti. At first glance it looks quite handy for DIYers.

If I didn't have a Rise but had a Block I'd be more tempted to experiment with painting, a critical error would be less costly. Maybe I'll find a dinged up block someday for sale and fix it up as a test run.

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