Imoxplus is becoming a think-tank of innovators

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Imoxplus does establish synergy between innovators that will cause a paradigm shift in the world of wind-instruments.
Imoxplus mission is to introduce more expression and sonic palettes using state of the art techniques. This without adding complexity to the creative flow of the musician.

Chris Graham - R&D business partner & inventor of a new mouthpiece-breath controller that we will introduce to the market.
Pedro Eustache - - our inspiring ambassador and strategic influencer. a world famous multidirectional winds soloist.
Odiseymusic team - - travelSax - the smallest sax in the world
Syos - - 3D mouthpieces specially customised
Adolphe Sax & Cie - - innovative sax builder in Belgium
Aodyo - - the famous Sylphyo
Andrew Claes - - innovative Wind instrument musician, influencer
Luigi Felici - - physical modelling plugin developer
Jelle Bakker - - physical modelling plugin developer
Ilias-Athanasios antonopoulos - Varanus Audio - physical modelling plugin developer
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New members did join the think-tank
NuEVI - team
Johan Gerlund (NuEVI)
Mark Steiner
Dan Willis
John Stäck
Ian Fritz
Pierre Esteve
Ramiro Gómez Masseti

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