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9 months 2 weeks ago #724 by AEBogdan
Keyword CC MAP Suggestion was created by AEBogdan
New user here. The expressiveness of Respiro is quite excellent!

After my initial use, I have one feature suggestion. I use a combination of devices to play virtual instruments:: a Keyboard Controller, a LinnStrument, a TEC BBC 2, multiple foot pedals, etc.. and I like to use these multiple devices at the same time. For example, with Respiro I'd like to use the linnStrument for note selection and timber and pitch bends, the TEC BBC2 breath controller for breath and growl (bite) and presence (nod), and two foot pedals would be used to optionally morph the sound. Currently, to setup devices to control aspects like growl, timber, sound morphing, etc. it appears I need to individually map the CC for each device for each instrument? Also, each preset is assembled in creative ways, and thus mappings need to get done differently for each preset, which can take some playing around. I saw the AUTO MAP of CC70-78 feature, which actually gave me this idea.

What I'd like to see is an optional CC mapping method that uses a keyword lookup table. Instead of directly mapping a specific CC or MPE input type in each preset you would MAP Keywords. Respiro would work exactly the same as it does now, only if a keyword is mapped it would use the keyword to look up the CC or MPE method. Such a look-up table would allow all instrument CC definitions to be defined in a consistent manner, the instrument presets would not need to be individually changed (as long as these keywords are assigned in the presets), and it would allow easily changing midi devices in one place without having to change each instrument definition.

Here are some possible Keywords I came up with by looking at the current instrument presets:

Coding wise it shouldn't change very much. It would require a setup window to allow (optionally) mapping a CC or MPE input type to the keywords just as you currently do directly in the presets. Next, (optionally) allow assigning these keywords instead of a CC or MPE type in the preset. Third, Respiro would just do a keyword lookup where needed when initializing the instrument. This doesn't replace any of the current functionality, it just taps into it.

For example, this would allow me to assign the bite control on the BBC2 to always control GROWL on all instruments that have the keyword "GROWL" assigned as a MAP. I can assign "TIMBER 1" to cc74 for the LInnStrument to always change timber on all instruments that allow changing timber. I can assign my foot pedals to morph instruments while playing if the preset has "MORPH 1" or MORPH 2" keywords assigned. I would envision you might add these keywords into existing presets so this functionality will be instantly available once a keyword is mapped. This would make setting up Respiro to work with multiple devices easy, quick, and consistent across presets.

Anyway, for now I'll get back to playing... hope you are having a great start to the new year!

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9 months 2 weeks ago #725 by imoxplus
Replied by imoxplus on topic Keyword CC MAP Suggestion
Hey...thanks for the suggestion.. I realise that the mapping can still be improved. Unfortunately the current architecture and macro naming is not optimal for implementing your great suggestion... but I will certainly think about this. Right now my focus goes to the Photon...and Respiro iOS ;-)

enjoy 2021...

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