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Ian Fritz Intro

1 week 6 days ago #241 by frijitz
Ian Fritz Intro was created by frijitz
I started diy synth building in the middle '70s, mainly using and modifying circuitry from the ELECTRONOTES newsletter. I wasn't able to learn to play keyboard, so I built a custom wind controller. I was surprised at how much a synth patch could be brought alive with breath control, even a simple patch. There is a recent example here: ijfritz.byethost4.com/ProjectDemos/DPWGII/DPIIdem_A.mp3
The audio source is a wave with two pulses, the amplitude of the second being controlled by breath pressure. That's all.

In the early '80s I built a self-contained synth specialized to implement the patches I had found most useful for wind control. This was a digitally-controlled analog synth, ie the interconnections and settings could be saved. Just a couple of years ago I ported it to a Reaktor ensemble called WinSyn. This isn't up anywhere yet, as it is constantly under construction, but it's freely available for anyone who would like to try it out.

When physical modelling became popular in the '80s, I bough a VL1-m, studied all the theory and built a MIDI wind controller. I'm still using this controller, and it's what I am using for learning about Respiro. Details about this controller as well as my analog unit are on my website. ijfritz.byethost4.com/

After retiring I decided to take up the study of mathematical chaos theory as a hobby. I soon realized that many natural sounds we like to listen to are chaotic, so I set to implementing chaotic systems into analog synth modules. The manufacturers I got interested in this project suggested I might also put some of my older synth modules into updated form and make them available publicly. So I've been working on new analog synth modules since then.

One of my modules was bought by Pedro E. for his analog (Euro) system. As a result we ended up working together a bit, and that's how I learned about Respiro. I'm looking forward to watching the future development of this most impressive software.


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1 week 6 days ago - 1 week 2 hours ago #242 by imoxplus
Replied by imoxplus on topic Ian Fritz Intro
Hi Ian, welcome to the Imoxplus forum. You are one of my reference points when it comes to innovation in synth making. Really happy to see you here.
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1 week 4 days ago #245 by puremusic
Replied by puremusic on topic Ian Fritz Intro
Good to hear from you Ian. I have been having a great deal of fun using various modeled instruments and my TEC BC. Your intro is a great reminder to me you can use a breath controller to produce great modulation in ordinary synthesizers too.

I shall have to get to experimenting with that. I'll try fiddling around later today, now that my system is working again after the latest Windows Update. I really need to do a whole system backup pronto.. recovery options don't always fix things, and disabling the update service didn't work to stop the Microsoft Overseer. Yes.. let me get to that today too.

I use Touchkeys and a Seaboard 49, along with my breath controller, it's really a great combo for making sounds flexible. Add in some FC7 footpedals and you can make things nice and lively.

I'd be interested in seeing that WinSyn in action. Reaktor sure is a powerful tool.

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