My personal view on existing Wind-controllers

2 weeks 5 days ago #234 by puremusic
Rudy, I see you made three videos with that TEC, how does it compare to the other wind controllers you've used?
I agree, aesthetics matter along with all the practical stuff.
GEWI that's the first I've heard of Van Eyck, I will listen to some of the music. I like classical adaptations of folk music, like Vaughn Williams did.
I used to visit an old manor that had a small family cemetery, various stone monuments and a garden, it was quite a pleasant place. The garden would be great for music, I am sure they must have had some small concert gatherings there.
That was long ago though. My own garden is a nice enough place this year, and hopefully I'll have many more acres someday.

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2 weeks 4 days ago #235 by imoxplus
About the TEControl breath controller
+ very fast up and running, No need for USB driver installation
+ nice tool to configure the curve for breath, bite, tilt
+ feels comfortable around the neck
+ good breath response, but not yet up to the level of the Sylphyo
+ good bite
+ comfortable airflow, not resulting in feeling tired, can play for hours.
- air exhaust took me a while to get used to the hiss noise,
- usb cable feels thin and will suffer after heavy use
- although a good bite, it does not feel natural for a sax player. Eg. if you want a bite which allow for bend-up/down then you need to maintain a steady (pretty firm) bite which is not easy to maintain a zero bend point.

Overall, I consider this a very good price setting vs build vs features.
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