My personal view on existing Wind-controllers

10 months 3 weeks ago #234 by puremusic
Rudy, I see you made three videos with that TEC, how does it compare to the other wind controllers you've used?
I agree, aesthetics matter along with all the practical stuff.
GEWI that's the first I've heard of Van Eyck, I will listen to some of the music. I like classical adaptations of folk music, like Vaughn Williams did.
I used to visit an old manor that had a small family cemetery, various stone monuments and a garden, it was quite a pleasant place. The garden would be great for music, I am sure they must have had some small concert gatherings there.
That was long ago though. My own garden is a nice enough place this year, and hopefully I'll have many more acres someday.

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10 months 3 weeks ago #235 by imoxplus
About the TEControl breath controller
+ very fast up and running, No need for USB driver installation
+ nice tool to configure the curve for breath, bite, tilt
+ feels comfortable around the neck
+ good breath response, but not yet up to the level of the Sylphyo
+ good bite
+ comfortable airflow, not resulting in feeling tired, can play for hours.
- air exhaust took me a while to get used to the hiss noise,
- usb cable feels thin and will suffer after heavy use
- although a good bite, it does not feel natural for a sax player. Eg. if you want a bite which allow for bend-up/down then you need to maintain a steady (pretty firm) bite which is not easy to maintain a zero bend point.

Overall, I consider this a very good price setting vs build vs features.
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10 months 3 days ago - 10 months 3 days ago #284 by alainhalimi
Hi! this is a question for the moderator. I dont own yet a wind controller and am investigating for now. I love respiro and consider its purchase after i descided on a controller.
I am a sax player so I look for the most accurate responsivity to a sax(not in term of sound but reactivity to my playing)

Now! I read that you are patenting a mouthpiece? How far in the process are you? I am genuinely asking because this is my most focus before buying a wind controller. Will you create a controller with it or will it adapt on other sax like wind controller?
I want to buy once, so how long should I wait? I lean toward the aerophone for its mouthpiece(althought it seems pretty basic) and fingering system but it doesnt seem to meet pros expectations. I want something that feels good to be inspired in my expression.
Thank you , i hope that i am not too much off topic.If so please feel free to move it somewhere else or delete.
Last edit: 10 months 3 days ago by alainhalimi. Reason: i wanted to precise some elements...

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10 months 3 days ago #285 by imoxplus
Yes, we have it patented and probably will need to fill extra patents. We have working prototypes (expensive) and are now going into deeper testing.

The mouthpiece as it is today can also be used with the included neck-unit and stay detached from a wind-controller. So, you could play your wind-controller moving freely if it allows to send midi notes without blowing into it..

We are very confident, and before we go big we will probably allow pre-subscribers to pay for a nice working prototype. We can make these at acceptable costs if we succeed to have good list of requestors. If all goes well then we would launch such pre-subscription list as of mid-September 2019.. The time & effort to produce a first batch of Photon mouthpieces is not yet defined. Also the price for a purchasing a prototype is not defined.

You are very welcome if you want to come over and test the mouthpiece...
Another test location is in the place of the inventor Chris Graham.

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10 months 3 days ago #286 by alainhalimi
so will we be able in an elegant way to attach it to existing wind controllers? say if i get an ewi usb or an aerophone, will i be able to attach it to it and perform a gig? Or is it more of a composer type of device that wont be easy for now in live?
You mention a neck, i hope it means that it will read some reaction to how we play with the throat and the palate. (that would be a dream)
I cant wait to see your thing! September is not that far :) Although painful as I really want to get strted.
I could try it only in Canada? Unfortunately i live in Ireland! thanks for the offer. though!

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10 months 3 days ago #287 by imoxplus
Yes, attachment will be possible using 3D printed adapters. a neckstrap will be highly recommended to maintain a stable position for fingerunit + attached mouthpiece. The EWI is doable for adapter. Not yet sure about the EA.

The Photon has also a neck unit as you can see in my video. This is very handy to keep it steady and handsfree.
Yes, throat shape is measured and provides midi cc data, we even study algorithms to measure throat frequencies

September would be a potential start for the subcribers list. This does not mean that units will be provided in September. All depends on the production batch. So, patience please.. ..we want to do this right...

You can try it here in Belgium (just outside Brussels town). But this is also a considerable trip unless you need to be in Belgium for a holiday or tour..
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