CE mode in 1.2.0 plays notes 2 semitones above what is shown, no bend

10 months 2 weeks ago #422 by imoxplus
Lars, no sorry needed. It is my objective and challenge to ensure a good user experience. I appreciated your feedback a lot....
I'm getting at this moment very good support for updating the manual which I hope to release coming weeks. I will take the opportunity to improve some things on the user interface of Respiro.
Not sure it you saw this video where I explain the new features..

1) hmm, tooltips are available. I might have switched the default to - show no tooltips. To toggle reactivation of tooltips you press F1.

2) Not all DAW's support the pitch handling of MPE devices... Bitwig is superb for MPE.. I'm testing a lot of DAWs and this is becoming my fav.
3) You can make a short list of favorites - see video
4) You can assign program change numbers in the browser - see video
5) You can add tags to instruments - see video
6) about the favorite settings - Well, your strategy is the right on. You create an Instrument Variant (eg. MPE01), select is when launching Respiro and use the LOCK to ensure it stays active across other instruments.
7) in a DAW the color settings of RESPIRO are remembered as part of each session.
8) About the CH1 issues.. Not sure if I understand...Maybe we better setup a little skype session so I can see what is going on. Be aware that DAWs are handling MPE in different ways..some are even forcing the channels...
9) log out fast... yes.. I also had this a few times.. I will see how I can adjust this timing...

Again Lars, I really appreciate your feedback....

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