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Please be informed that Respiro 1.25 Beta version has been updated.
You can find it in your download page after you logged into to Imoxplus website.

Extra improvements since initial beta 1.2.5 release
- removed initial click with selecting an instrument.
- added ON/OFF option for modulating the microtuning sliders with CC20 - 31.
- improved MPE support by allowing now Respiro to listen to ALL MPE channels.
- added the possibility to influence note transition glide time with velocity (hard velocity = short glide, soft velocity = long glide).
this menu is available by right clicking on the glide time.
- improved modulation of on/off switches.
- improved modulation / automation of Volume and Reverb.
- fix for stereo output.
- faster start-up.

Initial beta 1.2.5 release improvements:
- Added wavetable modules.
- Added bell junction resonator.
- Improved response to breath pressure
- Ability to load Impulse Response reverb.
- Improved legato.
- Improved vibrato.
- Glide time divider allows for short / medium / long glide times.
- Sound-engine goes in sleep mode to safe CPU when not playing.

- Colour, Last Instrument and global parameters are recalled when reopening Standalone.
- More zoom factors.
- Help button contains help menu + feature to toggle on/off tooltips.
- Browser search feature.

- Save/Load Octave Microtuning.
- Import AnaMark .Tun files.
- Midi/Audio Setup window is decoupled.
- Fixed - Last-note velocity.
- No need to resend pressure when switching between instruments. This way you can audition the instruments with keyboard.
- Sweetzone can now be used as a way to constrain (Limit) the note input. This is handy for avoiding accidental notes (EWI) outside play range.
- 3 extra randomize mapping sources
- pressure driven
- pitch driven
- note driven
- Switching to CE (MPE) mode will be default set the bend up and down to +24 -24
- Pitch bend divider (80 800 8000). Use right click when Synth transition mode is on
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