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  • NEWS: Version 1.2.5 is released. Please install this version instead of 1.2.3 (check your download folder)
    Webcast explaining Respiro 1.2.5 
    Click here for example of new sounds.
    Click here to see a video with overview of the sounds (these are sounds of the previous version)

    Respiro is a new generation software synthesizer using physical modelling that contains a "state of the art" sound engine able to reproduce the sound and behaviour similar to wind-instruments. It has sonic capabilities of woodwinds and can also create 'never heard before' sounds.  It turns your breath and/or touch into a unique experience, providing amazing musical vibrations! Our testers say;
    "Respiro feels organic and natural, alive and breathing. It inspires expression and exploration."

    Recommended midi wind & breath controllers
    Aodyo Sylphyo, Roland Aerophone, Akai EWI series, Yamaha WX series, EVI, Warbl, Synthophone,  TEControl BBC2

    Continuous expression controllers

    Linnstrument, Roli Seaboard


    Expressive E touché 


    Respiro works with any keyboard, but for maximum expression it is recommended to combine with a breath controller such as the TEControl.

    Respiro patches/presets are called "Instruments". Each instrument has its own character, response and behaviour. 
    Hundreds of hours have been invested finding the optimal instrument settings. Each instrument is design note by note.
    Most instruments offer a timbre that can be morphed and shaped using macro controls.
    Instruments feature a smooth legato notes transition or "glide", depending on the factory sound-design.
    Instruments feature a micro-tuning scale setting, allowing to fine tune each note in the octave... Go ethnic for real!
    Our goal is to further design new instruments to cover a wider sonic palette and diversity. Sales price might increase.

    Macro system
    A handy and visual control system overcoming the complex settings typically for Physical Modelling plug-ins.
    MIDI CC can be assigned to each macro parameter allowing for real-time modulation with your favourite controller.
    Designed to inspire and explore Respiro evolving sounds.

    Midi controllers
    Extensively tested with controllers such as the Yamaha WX5, Sylphyo, EWI, Roli seaboard.
    Includes support for MPE controller devices.

    Output processing
    Convolution reverb allowing for stereo and sound colouring.

    App Formats
    Respiro Wind-Synth is available as STANDALONE, AU and VST3 64-bit plugin for macOS and Windows

    Intuitive, zoom, colour theme, Retina resolution.


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