165€ + tax

We refund when you are not happy.

  • VERSION 1.2.84 IS AVAILABLE  (JAN 21st 2021) - includes fixes and capability to export instrument to the upcoming iOS Respiro player.
    Owners of Respiro Mac/Win can now participate in testing the iOS Respiro player by dropping me a mail.

    Respiro is a new generation software synthesizer using physical modelling that contains a "state of the art" sound engine able to reproduce the sound and behaviour similar to wind-instruments. It has sonic capabilities of woodwinds and can also create 'never heard before' sounds.  It turns your breath and/or touch into a unique experience, providing amazing musical vibrations! 

    Respiro feels organic and natural, alive and breathing. It inspires expression and exploration."


    MIDI controllers that can send Pressure (Breath) via AT, CC02, CC11 etc... and note on/off.
    Aodyo Sylphyo, Roland Aerophone, Akai EWI series, Yamaha WX series, EVI, Warbl, Synthophone,  TEControl BBC2, EMEO digital horn, Odisey TravelSax.
    Linnstrument, Roli Seaboard, Expressive E Osmose, Expressive E touché etc..

    Works also with any keyboard, we recommend to combine with a breath controller such as the TEControl.

    STANDALONE, AU and VST3i 64-bit plugin for macOS and Windows. VST2 version is available on request.

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